In a perfect world, as an artist, you’d focus on making and performing art. However, reality is quite different. You need to find funding, resolve production matters, you have doubts about what you’re doing or have a mountain of administration to sort out. Not to mention author rights! We feel you! You’re not alone and we’re here to support. Our Kosmo Talks are moments where you can get the answers you’ve been looking for. You get two hours of talking, soul searching, explaining practical problems, discussing dramaturgical doubts, you name it. If you want, you can even show us pictures of your dog. While you talk, we listen. Like, really listen. Then we give you advise, tips... The best part? We don’t charge you anything for it.* Interested in having a Kosmo Talk? Check out the calendar, choose your moment and we’ll confirm the appointment. It’s as simple as that! *And it will always be free. But as much as we like talking with you, we limit these free talks to 2 or 3 talks maximum (2 hours per talk).



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